pacific beach area

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Our location

PCIS is located in the Pacific Coast of Panama. Located in the corregimiento Chame only 1,5 hour from Panama City you find Panama Coast International School in Nueva Gorgona. An international school open for local students and international student who live in the Pacific Coast area of Panama.

A blend of locals and foreigners

Nueva Gorgona is a beach village with a blend of local Panamanian people and foreigners. The people who live in Coronado it self are mostly foreigners but there are some small villages in the area with mostly local people. 

The whole area is known for nice beaches and the mountains are around the corner. 

Explore the area

 While living in the area of Coronado there are lots of nice things to do for kids and adults. Explore the area and enjoy the beach or the mountains. Go to take a swim, take surfing lessons, kitesurfing, paddling, horseback riding, hiking, check out some cool rivers, waterfalls and so much more.

Where to eat and drink?

There is a good variety of restaurants, coffee bars and foodtrucks in the Coronado area. Living in the area of Nueva Gorgona, San Carlos and Coronado only steps away from the beach and mountains is a great way of living. 

In Panama you can also find “Fonda’s” everywhere these are local restaurants where they offer you a daily menu with mostly rice, meat, chicken, delicious brown bean salsa and salad. Ask friends and locals for the best places to go in the area! The prices are great and it is a nice way to blend in with the locals. 

Basic amenities in the area

While living in Coronado you can find all well-known supermarkets like Super 99, El Rey, Matchetazo and Riba Smith. As well there is a private clinic in Coronado and a public hospital in the small village of San Carlos. There is a variety of pharmacies in the area so basicly everything you need is in the area. As well Panama City is only 1,5 from the beach area. 

Golf lovers area

If you like to play golf you can choose between a nice range of golf courses in a short distance from Coronado. Take a look at Decameron golf club, Vista Mar or the Coronado golf resort. At some of the courses you can just buy a day pass while at others you need an invitation from someone who has a membership.