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At PCIS we follow STEM and Humanities courses. At PCIS we believe that both STEM and HUMANITIES classes are important. Student will study to develop their minds to be scientific and rational but with a moral and spiritual base. A school day at PCIS starts at 8.00 am and finishes at 3.00 pm. At PCIS students follow classes Monday through Thursday, 4 days per week. 

Where most schools focus on STEM we choose to focus on both. As we want that our student become empaths, critical thinkers with a love for art, music and discover the meaning of ethics and morality. Students from PCIS will become students with a wide interest and broader knowledge and understanding of many subjects. 


We Grow Happy, Whole Children

student life

We pride ourselves on knowing and caring for each of our children, from the youngest to the oldest. Play is important, no matter their age, and so is having the opportunity to express themselves, or even excel, in the arts or sport. At PCIS we have built those opportunities into our academic curriculum in the form of music and creative arts classes. And our coaching team focuses on introducing younger children to a variety of sports, while encouraging specific talents on a national or even international competitive level. 


We learn while having fun

AFTER SCHOOL activities
in the area - contact the office for more information

  • At PCIS we have after school music classes available for all ages. 

  • Children and adults have the opportunity to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – a great form of martial arts. 

  • Swimming lessons are available in Punta Chame BY CORONADO CAIMAN SWIM TEAM 

  • Soccer classes available in Coronado.

  • For older children kite-surfing lessons are available in Punta Chame.

  • Surfing lessons are available at Panama Surf School in El Palmar, San Carlos

There are many after school activities in the area